Romance Documentary: Love Between The Covers


RATING: 5 out of 5 Stars


Love Between The Covers is an entertaining peek into the billion dollar per year Romance industry and how it continues to grow. Eloisa James (Mary Bly), Beverly Jenkins, Celeste Bradley, Susan Donovan, Len Barot, Nora Roberts and many others take us on a journey inside their lives as romance authors and the industry. What made this documentary especially interesting for me was that it covered all genres and diversities under the romance umbrella.

I started reading romances, probably like most others, by reading the books my mother had around the house if I ran out of library books. You would hide your ‘bodice rippers’ behind other books or wait to read ‘those’ books until you got home from school or work back in the 70’s because you knew someone would always say, “Oh, you read those books.” Thank goodness those times are behind us and everyone I know now proudly will tell you who they are reading and what type of romance it is.

I read just about anything, but I always return to my romance roots. That HEA is my drug of choice when the rest of my life is spinning out of control, stress at work is too much, or I just want to escape. Romance authors offer you a dream where no matter how difficult the obstacle, you can overcome it and find your happiness in the end. This is the contract I have with all my favorite romance authors: if you give me a great HEA, then I will keep coming back for more.